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Period Set Consultation

What do you get when you cross a life-time of experience in the Antiques world with an interest in 18th and 19th century British History and a talent for connecting these 2 worlds through storytelling? You get a historian with a flair for period set consultation.

Antique Expertise

  • Tony is originally from Manchester and grew up in the Antiques trade. By 15 he was acting as a ‘spotter’ for his father.
  • Tony apprenticed as an auctioneer at Artingstall and Hind auction house.
  • Tony has run antique shops in England and Canada specializing in 18th and 19th Century furniture and sterling silver.
  • Tony’s Master’s Thesis, Rogues of the Road: Highwaymen and Highway Robbery in 18th Century England explores not only the myths and legends of the time, but how changes in technology led to the growth of highway robbery.
  • Tony worked in TV as a ‘Miscellaneous’ expert on the Canadian Antiques Roadshow for its last 3 seasons. He has a broad range of knowledge and is often sought out to identify items that others can’t. He has a few on-screen vignettes and can be seen lurking in the background in episodes filmed in Saskatoon (2005), Richmond and Regina (2006), Lethbridge and Vernon (2007).

Set Consultation Services

  • Before immigrating to Saskatoon in 1990, Tony worked on the Coronation Street set, providing props from his parent’s antique shops.
  • He has supplied furnishings for various period sets while in the UK.

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