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Downsizing in Victoria BC?

If you or a client is downsizing and have questions about the antiques and personal property you’re dealing with, it may be helpful to get advice.

Tony can help you:

  • Identify the intrinsic and monetary value of items so you or your clients can make the best decisions about keeping, selling, and/or insuring them.
  • Connect you or your clients with local professionals who deal in a variety of personal property and antique items.
  • Connect you or your clients with auction houses across Canada and internationally where items may best be sold.

If you are an individual, Tony can also connect you to a local downsizing professional if your project warrants it.

If you are a local downsizing professional, please reach out and connect with Tony.

Free 20 Minute Consultation

Tony offers a free 20 minute consultation about your project by phone or in person within the greater Victoria area. Payment for ongoing services depends on the nature and extent of the project and will be discussed during the initial consultation.