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Antique Speak Glossary

Antique Speak GlossaryThe Antique Speak glossary of Antique-related terms will continue to grow as the @AntiqueSpeak blog evolves. Stay tuned for more odd and unusual terms.

Continental Set = A set of 5 of something.

Eclectic Set = A mismatched set (chairs… plates… etc.) See also “Harlequin Set”.

Guzzunder = A chamber-pot, as in the chamber-pot ‘goes under the bed’

Harlequin Set = A mismatched set (chairs… plates… anything).  See also “Eclectic Set”.

Marriage = two unrelated pieces of furniture assembled to look like something else. Example: A book-shelf put on to a desk to make it into a bureau-bookcase.

Metric Set = Ten of something, such as chairs or plates.

Singular Pair – A mismatched pair of something.

Skiver = Leather insert usually found on a writing table or desk.

Tobaconallia = Smoking and tobacco related items.

Whatnot = a small set of decorative shelves, often made to fit in a corner, upon which one displays various ‘what-nots’ (small decorative items).

photo credit: Barrett.Discovery via photopin cc