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Historical Relevance of the 2010 Olympic Torch and the Miner’s Lamp

Did anyone else spot the significance of the Olympic Torch when it came through our area recently? Fittingly, it was transported to the Island and thence to the cauldron via a “miner’s lamp” carried on a First Nations canoe. And the significance? Well, a good deal of Vancouver’s development was brought about by the sweat of miners of many…

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Why I Love the Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game!

I was alerted to a Twitter “tweet” last weekend that mentioned the Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game.  At first, I was taken aback until I realized that this illustrated a few things: Younger people are watching the Antiques Roadshow. Younger people are watching enough to make up drinking games. Does this mean antiques are sexy? We know they’re “green”.  Here’s a show…

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