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Antiques Are More Than “Old”

Back in the 1960s (when I was but a mere boy) it was said that for something to be an antique it had to be made prior to 1860. In other words it became generally accepted that all antiques were at least 100 years old. However, time marches on and the hundred year old rule has now changed considerably….

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Big-Box Savings Can Come with Hidden Costs

What makes anything worth something? Well, you do! That is to say, if there is something that you don’t want; then to you, that “something” has no value. Alternatively, if there is an item that you really do want then the value which you place upon that thing increases in a way that directly corresponds to the strength of…

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The Silver Lining of Second Hand

Quick, for ten points, what’s the difference between new and second-hand? Answer, often around 80 percent. The difference in price between something that is new compared to second-hand has always been quite extensive. Second-hand has also been regarded as somewhat inferior, something for the “less well-off.” However, now that the wordsmiths have come up with the term “previously enjoyed”…

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Is it Worth Appraising: How You Know!

Going back the previous article (Inventory Your Home), many times my clients are unsure of what to do regarding getting an initial appraisal for their treasures. Often the main question they ask is, “How do I know if my item is worth anything and should I have a formal appraisal? What if the cost of the appraisal is more…

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Inventory Your Home!

On the topic of appraisals and home insurance, I recently received an e-mail from our mortgage broker.

It was a about a family whose home was broken into. Unfortunately, they never got full replacement value for their losses because they couldn’t supply the insurance company with reasonable proof of what they owned.

“In order to avoid such claim problems, insurance companies…

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What’s In a Name?

I raised a smile when I read the Debbie Travis’ article “Give your home the bling-feel for Xmas” (MidWeek, Dec. 16/09). Debbie talks of antique ‘Pot’ cupboards. I am sure many Island residents were equally surprised that such things existed. To elaborate and to be fair to Debbie, in the days before indoor plumbing in England (Debbie’s motherland) a…

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