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Antique Appraiser

When conducting an antique and personal property appraisal, Tony photographs, measures, and describes each item on site.  Extensive research into the history and value of each item is conducted off-site.  For larger appraisals, more than one visit may be required.  Regardless of whether your appraisal is a single page, or 100 pages, each appraisal…

  • is researched,
  • describes each item in detail (including measurements),
  • includes a colour photograph,
  • states an appropriate value for the item,
  • is dated,
  • appears on the appraiser’s letterhead, and
  • is signed by the appraiser.

Appraisals over 5 pages are bound.

All goods will be measured, photographed, described and researched.  On-site work is carried out by Tony accompanied by an assistant who enters the information for each item directly into the appraisal document so that off-site work is minimised.

Your Appraisal documents are also maintained securely by us so they’re available in case of an emergency.

View a  Tony Duke Appraisal Sample

Hourly Consultation Fees

Every client’s needs are different. Tony will be glad to provide you with a quote outlining the work to be done, and the services and written documentation you will receive. Please contact us to arrange for an initial consultation. Tony will discuss fees with you when you call.